Nightwish days in Kitee [ENG]

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The Story

"The Nightwish music has a big influence upon every listener: the music, the lyrics, the visions, the way to build up the songs - all the above are the main reasons why so many people have followed this band for so many years.

Along the years, the Finnish forests housed many fans who were searching for Tuomas Holopainen. During these years, many people were interested in the hometown of Nightwish and they tried very hard to get here. That was why  I came up with the idea of bringing fans in Kitee and my suggestion was discussed in our school.

So, we started to make the plan. Afterwards, I started to look after my future guests on my personal Facebook friend list. Accidentally, I met a Bulgarian girl in Finland named Dessyslava Nikolova from Sofia who was starting to organize a Bulgarian Nightwish Facebook page. Together with her, we organized in “Rock it” club from Sofia and a Nightwish tribute concert. Thus, we had already chosen the first people from Sofia and so, in July 2013 many wonderful and talented people from whole over the world were brought to Kitee for the 1st edition of “Nightwish Week in Kitee”.

The meaning of our event is to give a chance to young people that are keen to learn about the Finnish culture through Nightwish music. We, the citizens of Kitee, are very proud of that!

 – Plamen Dimov –

Our friend Dean is there! Check out his cover of Ever Dream here:

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